You might be wondering whether and how I could be helpful to you.  With so many therapists and therapies out there, how are you to decide if our meeting for potential counseling, therapy, or psychoanalysis will result in a good fit?

There are several important reasons that can make a big difference for your therapeutic experience with me.

First is that engaging in therapy is a vulnerable experience, and being able to trust the therapist as your ally who does not judge but is is able to listen deeply and emphatically is crucial for your success.  Having lived a life full of varied experiences, I am able to relate to your unique life situation in a non-judgmental way.  In the course of my work, I’ve helped many people from diverse backgrounds — children, adolescents, young adults, older adults of different races and different cultures.  I have also practiced in a wide variety of settings — non-profit clinics, college campus, crisis programs, psychiatric settings.  These rich life experiences have enabled me to become a more effective therapist.

The second reason is that I have been continuously engaging in a rigorous professional training which extends well beyond graduate school.  This training entails regular professional consultations and intensive personal therapy.  You benefit from this training directly, because as your therapist, I know first-hand how it is to be in your shoes, and your therapist’s work gets regular “quality control” and the “seal of approval” which you would not get otherwise.

The third point for you to contend is that in this day and age, in this country and in this city, more than ever we come from different backgrounds, different families, different cultures.  This difference in your background, your culture, your age needs to be recognized for your therapy to be successful.  As an immigrant and a person who has experienced vastly different cultures first-hand, I offer a heightened ability to recognize and work with and within your own culture, your age, and your family situation.  Your individuality will be recognized and your therapy with me will incorporate your own cultural style.

To get a feel for whether I could be a good match for you, email me at anna@drannachung.com or call me at (202) 505-4063 to make an appointment.

I am affiliated with Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Freudian Society.  I am also a faculty member at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University.